Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frugal & Helpful Blogs!!!

So the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to stick to a weekly budget on groceries. Then save the remaining money (if there is any) for another week's sales. I posted this on a personal blog, but I did want to tell you what I got at Albertson's for a little over $70 this week (working on that three month supply!):
  • 30 boxes of granola bars - both these & the fruit roll-ups came out to be a little under 80 cents each box
  • 30 boxes of fruit roll-ups
  • 20 cans of progresso soup - 20 cents each with coupons & stuff
  • 16 cans of those yummy grand biscuits - 0.28 each
  • 4 boxes of go-gurts - They were only $1 a box after coupons & such
  • 4 gallons of milk - This was the most expensive purchase this week @ $2 a gallon
  • 1 bag of snickers candy - what can I say ... I was weak!

I got 105 things for just over $70, or rather an average of $0.67 each! Then I also still have a $10 off anything I buy coupon for Albertson's to use next week! I have always tried to save money on groceries, but this was awesome! I've been reading some fantastic thrifty blogs and wanted to share them with you ...

But first, I'd like to point out a few things. First off, even if they are giving away pop tarts, I don't want them & that applies to a lot of the "great" deals too. Sometimes, the great deals are for junk foods that I don't want in my home, but sometimes they are for junk foods that my kids would think was awesome (as a special, only sometimes treat). There are also certain things that even with all this double-coupon/multiple check-outs/etc. still come out to be the regular sale price that I like to stock up on.

If you were at our meeting in October, you got a hand out for the prices that I like to pay for groceries, compare all the coupons/sales gimmicks and see if you really are saving any money. For example; this week at Albertson's you could get a $10 off coupon and use it on a transaction and then use a coupon for cake mixes so that they were only $1 a box. Which is about the same price that Wal-Mart usually stocks them at, and I don't even buy them then. The price that I like to pay for cake mixes is 59-69 cents a box (which Smith's & Von's have every month or so).

Bottom line - just because there are multiple coupons and stuff still doesn't make a good deal ... and sometimes it makes it an awesome deal ... just look around at the prices. I'm going to start posting more on the bargain shopping experiences I'm having and if you'd like to join me on some shopping trips, I'd love the company. :)

Long post! Holy cow! LOL. Here are the blogs & informational blogs too:

  • Shop Smart in Vegas - she posts wonderful information and shows pictures & tips on how to do it all too.
  • A Thrifty Mom - This has become my favorite site lately! She updates constantly, so be sure to get her blog feed if you are interested. She's also helped me learn so much in just the past week about these "catalina" coupons ... who knew?
  • Grocery Smarts - This site looks for and allows you to print two copies of each coupon they have. Absolutely wonderful resource tool on the side too - the vegas passport is g89ccb.
  • Frugal Living - A lot of great information & it's all national (not regionally) related.
  • Betty Crocker - I signed up & LOVE the coupons & recipe ideas!!! They allow you two of each coupon as well.
  • Pillsbury - What to do with those 16 cans of biscuits? Their recipe section almost makes me want to get more tonight ...

We'll be having our next meeting in March. This month's was postponed with the RS celebration also happening this month. We'll be talking coupons/saving money ideas and also Julianna will be making a great presentation on rice & beans! :)