Monday, February 23, 2009

Wheat Order Information

Hello everybody!

My phone has been ringing off the hook for multiple wards (some in our stake, some Green Valley & some even in Anthem). If you forwarded information to anyone, please forward this as well.

Orders from other wards are fine, but my phone has been ringing off the hook this afternoon and evening from so many people that it's getting overwhelming (which is great that so many are interested in stocking up on food storage!). I'm asking that each ward that is forwarding this information select one person to collect their ward's money and have just one person contact me (to eliminate so many phone calls) and that each ward beyond Greenway arrange their own pick up of their wheat. That way it is less work for me (& the other wards already ordering) to contact people when the wheat arrives.

We will be placing the order on March 2nd & ask all money to be turned in by then. I will give reciepts for the cash disbursed, but I can not accept checks (in case something bounces). Costco informed me that it will be 7-14 business days after the order is placed before the wheat will arrive. Which makes the soonest pick up date of March 12th/13th. As soon as I know an exact drop-off date we will arrange with Costco for the pick up and ask each ward to pick up their ward's order. Also, we are asking that the other wards place a minimum order of 5 buckets. We are already well over our 100 bucket goal. If you know that your own ward could reach a large order (two pallets are 72 buckets), then feel free to place your own order as well. We're hoping that if Costco recognizes the need for food storage items in the Vegas Valley that they may consider carrying it down here on their own.

Thanks sisters and I'm excited for so many of us stocking up on food storage! :) You can reach me at waay2busy (at) hotmail (dot) com.