Saturday, May 3, 2008

Becoming Self Reliant - Money

So after speaking with many different individuals, I have realized that there is more to becoming self-reliant than just having our year supply of food. It is being wise and "self-reliant" in all aspects of our lives. I have found a lot of great sites & would welcome any more information you find as well!
As we have tried to become more self-reliant, we have heard the same thing over & over again from others that we have always used as well, that there isn't enough money, time or space for the food and other things we have been counseled to have.
So, the first things first. The money. So much of our lives boil down to that, don't they? I found a link direct from the LDS website, in the provident living section. It directs you to a set of personal finance lessons & tutorials. Here it is. It's a set of lessons regarding our own personal finances taught by a professor at BYU.
I personally have decided that trying to learn more about my money, why I spend it like I do and how to better manage it is the first thing I need to do. We are still going to continue to get food storage while we do this, but if I can learn to better control my money, rather than letting it control me, perhaps it will help me achieve the food storage goals that I have in mind. It feels that (especially given the type of world we live in), this is the most important thing to become more self-reliant in. To stop depending on credit cards and others to tell us what we should buy. Hope you'll join in this with me!