Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Meeting!

We had our first meeting and I would like to thank Brother Mona for coming to present some valuable information to us! He spoke to us all about the price comparisons he had done between Costco and the cannery (I will post those as soon as I have the details). We also discussed the monthly goals for becoming "Self-Reliant Certified" and discussed the highlights from this book.

Sharon, Julianna & I all brought different items utilizing our food storage. Sharon made a yummy batch of oatmeal cookies with raisins (seriously, they were soooo good!), Julianna made her yummy dump cake and made a few alterations as she went with a wonderful end result. I offered up some of the canneries refried beans, raisin bread with freezer jam and then also some powdered milk I had mixed up. I had heard from several different sources that if you added pink jell-o to the milk that it made it much more palatable. So, without having tried it before I made some up for last night. Julianna & Brittney summed it up perfectly ... "it tastes like penicillin". Well, now we know not to do that again. LOL.

Thanks to everyone who came! Next month we will be discussing food prices and the upcoming case lot sales in September. Can't wait to see you then! :)