Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Month's Goals

Working on becoming self-reliant certified? Make sure to check out the side bar with each months' goals!

This month's Self-Reliant Goals:
  • Gather backpacks for each family member. (This will be a 2 month goal) - This is a great time of year to gather a backpack with back to school sales happening! Gather adult sized ones for the adults and child sized ones for the little ones. A "saving you money" idea is to use the children's backpacks from last school year (as long as they are in good enough condition) if you are planning on getting them a new one for the new year.
  • Create a recipe using 75% canned items or packaged items for the next meeting.
  • Get 2 weeks of water for one family member - Another "saving you money" idea is to hit the local Fresh n' Easy with your $5 off coupon. They have a 24 pack of water for $2.99. Seven cases of water will cost you $21, when you use your $5 off coupon then it's only $16! This will give you enough water for 1.5 people for two weeks! Then you can easily cycle through this water when you buy more bottled water. It's also something that can easily be stored in your garage and since it's already sealed it won't get contaminated.