Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Water Bottles!

Each month we will be making the goal to get a 2 week water supply for one member of our family. It's the first thing we're counseled to do by the church in becoming more prepared for natural disasters.

So I wanted to tell you about an awesome deal! A new fresh n' easy just opened up at Eastern & Wigwam. As one of their Grand Opening Sales they have cases of water for $1.99 each! If you do the math, each case of water is the equivalent of 3 gallons of water. This is a great deal on your 2 week supply of water! They were also handing out booklets of coupons for people who came in today. The sale goes thru the 11th of November.

If you look at the Fresh n' Easy website, it looked pretty full on this side of town and I don't see any close by stores opening up any time soon, so this seemed like a great time to hurry up and stock up!

So if you buy $20 worth of water, that's enough water for 2 people for 2 weeks. Then with your $5 off coupon, that's only $15! That's a great deal on bottled water and a great and easy way to get your water supply.