Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sales, coupons & saving

I know that we all feel overwhelmed trying to get food storage money, and still keep within our food budgets. Also, I love name brand items whenever I can afford them, I found that coupons & shopping the sales can make a huge difference. As I've been looking around more, I found some stuff I hope will help you guys.

This blog is based here in Vegas, and focuses on shopping & saving. So the ads & deals can apply to us!

Click here to get a great little coupon book to come in the mail with $27 in coupons (mainly cleaning supplies).

Click here for coupons to save on cleaning supplies that you can print out from home.

Click here to check out Grocery Smarts. I love this site and have been printing my own coupons like crazy! I can't wait to go grocery shopping on Friday!