Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Self-Reliant Group Meeting

Thank you to all who came we had another great turn-out! And to those who missed, we hope you'll be able to make it next month! Starting next month we will be putting names in a drawing (if you complete the monthly goals) for a fantastic food storage booklet!

We gave our new month's goals:

  • Getting a 2 week supply of water for another family member.

  • Getting one full change of clothes & 3 pairs of underwear, socks & necessary items (tampons or pads, diapers & wipes) per 72 hour kit.
Brother Sanders was wonderful enough to bring his 72 hour kits and show us how he is able to make everything fit into his own backpack. His list for your 72 hour kit is posted on the post right below this one. We also noticed that had two items that were buckets and had a complete set of many essentials for our 72 hour kits: this item (on sale for $50 thru this month) and this item (a more deluxe package for $100) for two people if you are interested. We discussed the possibility of making #10 cans of food or also mentioned this link which shows you how to make your 72 hour kit of food in a milk jug (video can also be found here).

Here are some additional suggestions from the various sites that I noticed (this was on the hand out given tonight):

  • Add money to your kit slowly, in small bills. Enough to fill your tank of gas or get you to a hotel room. People won't have change in an emergency & the ATM's will run out quicky too.
  • Most people don't need a full size, heavy duty first aid kit. But the essentials would be a definite plus. Things to consider having in your own 72 hour kit: anti=diarrhea medicine, aspirin/tylenol, band-aids, personal hygiene items and any necessary prescription medications.
  • Consider purchasing an emergency road kit and placing it in your car. Also add a case of water to the trunk or your car for any type of emergency.
  • Kids will have a hard time processing what is happening around them during an emergency situation. Pack some games, books, hard candy (that won’t melt) or small dollar toys to distract them.
  • Make sure to have copies of your important documents (birth certificates, bank accounts, id, marriage license, insurance information) in your bag. Make sure these are kept in a water safe container.
  • Make an extra set of car keys, you’ll never be able to get a tow truck in an emergency.
  • Single change of clothes is fine, but you’ll need the change of underwear & socks.
  • Blankets (wool is warmest, even when wet), or sleeping bags will help keep the kids warm during the night.
  • Make sure to pack a large rain poncho that you could cover them with also if necessary.
  • Pick 2 reunion locations if you are separated.
  • Talk about your 72 hour kits with your children and explain it to them, this will help them to understand the situation if it ever arises.