Friday, May 1, 2009

Best Deals for April 28th - May 5th

I keep promising to do this and today seemed like a great day to start! Remember you can print two copies of each coupon on each of your home computers.
I try to limit my shopping to two stores (sometimes three if the sales are really good), just because of time/children constraints. Food 4 less had some great deals, but the other stores had more. Looking thru the ads here are the best deals I found:


*Coupon on front for (4) 12 packs of coke/pepsi/7 up (pair that with the $1 coupon found here)
* Coupon on front for 99 c flour tortillas
* There is a promotion going where you buy 10 Kellogg's, Keebler, Eggo or Sunshine products & you will get 2 free movie tickets:
- Purchase 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal (on sale 2/$5) and use the Kellogg's $1 off coupons found at - Makes it $15 for 10 boxes of cereal & 2 movie tickets!!! --If you want to get more than two movie tickets, remember to have seperate transactions for each ten items, otherwise it will only give you one set of coupons/movie tickets --
* Produce:
- 19 cents/lb. seedless watermelon (on sale only Friday - Sunday)
- 3 for 99 cents white corn (on sale only Friday - Sunday)
- 99 cents fresh express garden salad (on sale only Friday - Sunday)
- 2 for $1 red bell peppers (on sale only Friday - Sunday)

* Hamburger is on sale for 99 cents per pound - I generally buy 30-40 lbs. when this happens. Cook & freeze some in individual lb. sections, make meatloaf, etc.
* Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies - 99 cents each (limit 3)
* Mini Baby Peeled Carrots - 2 lb. bag for $2.50

* Food Storage Item of the Week!!!
- Peanut Butter (Kroger brand) creamy or crunchy - $1 for 18 oz. - Remember the suggested storage amounts are 4 lbs. per adult, this is the best price I've seen since we stocked up on peanut butter last April!
* Gatorade - 88 cents each
* Sunny D - $1 for 64 oz. - this is the only price I buy juice at.
* Navel Oranges - 50 cents/ lb.
* Red, Seedless Grapes - 89 cents/ lb.
* Apples - 99 cents/lb.
* Pork Chops - 99 cents/ lb.

Smith's gets shipments in of food nearly every day, so hit them in the morning if they are out of something you want, or get a rain check for next week if you need to. We've been bulk buying long enough now to be able to limit most of our shopping to just the best deals and the produce and call it good each week. I check out a thrifty mom's site, deal seeking mom & southern savers for links to some awesome coupons & ways to shop cvs/walgreens!!! Another great coupon to print up: purell hand sanitizer ($2 off of 2).